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TiE Tampa Bay is a not-for-profit organization, tax-exempt under Section 501(c) (6), created to foster entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking, and education in Florida.

TiE Tampa Bay’s Board of Directors is comprised of accomplished volunteers with a successful track record in entrepreneurship and a willingness to help other entrepreneurs.Contributions to TiE Tampa Bay are generally tax deductible, although we advise contributors to consult a professional tax advisor. Membership fees and non-dues revenues are channeled entirely towards various programs and events designed by TiE Tampa Bay to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem through education, mentoring, and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs. Because of its association with the global TiE group, TE Tampa Bay is networked into the world’s largest nonprofit promoting entrepreneurship globally. This allows TiE Tampa Bay to offer unique programs that bring world-class expertise and thought-leadership from around the globe to Florida. TiE is the only entrepreneurship organization led entirely by volunteers, and TiE Tampa Bay is proud to bring the dedication and enthusiasm of those volunteers to serve not just this metro area’s, but Florida’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Learn more at tampa.tie.org.

Vision & Mission

TiECon Florida’s mission is to leverage and amplify the mission of TiE Global for the Tampa Bay entrepreneurial community. We strive to foster entrepreneurship though building a community, creating a learning platform, mentoring through authentic relationships, and promoting and enabling the formation of new ventures. We aim to empower the next generation of companies and entrepreneurs with a sense of purpose and community.

Our Team

Kannan Sreedhar
Program Chair, TIECON 2018
Chris Kambhampati
Program, Co-Chair
Raj Rajendran
Executive Director
Karyn Mathura
Executive Council, Sponsorships
Anjali Nair
Executive Council, Member Communications
Anu Panchal
Executive Council, Newsletters and Press
Sam Kasimalla
Executive Council, Program Operations
Kothand Rajangam
Executive Council Program Operations
Aadil Vora
Executive Council, Program Operations