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Help TiE Tampa Bay document #TiEconFL 2016…

Let’s have a fabulous year with valuable and memorable events and help TiE Tampa Bay document your experience, and raise awareness forthe organization.

1. As a member you can help TiE Tampa Bay by sharing your experience on social media.

Please share your pictures, and comments on social media during and after an event and when you do share use the #TiEconFL, #tieconfl, #tietampabay or @TiETampaBay.

 2. A great way to share your experience and highlight your other members and the organization is by recording videos.

Record a one to two minute video and share your personal experience:

  • Interview one or more TiETampaBay members and find out what they do.

  • Be the interviewee and discuss what it is like to be an entrepreneur and some of the challenges.

  • Prepare a speech and explain what it means to be a member of TiETampaBay,  as a past participant at the conference; and use the questions below to help you communicate your experience; and what is means to you be part of the TIETampaBay community.

 When you share video interviews on social media use the #TiEconFL.

If you are looking for some examples of questions to ask in your videos here are some examples.
1. What is your name and what brought you to TiEcon Florida this year?
2. Have you been to TiEcon Florida before and if you have what did you like about TiEcon Florida?
3. What is your favorite presentation or speaker?
4. How would you describe TiEcon Florida to someone who has never been before?
5. What you have received and what you hope to get out of TiEcon Florida this year!

3. How can we make the organization, events, and the conference better?

Please provide your feedback and comments, by using the message board located at http://tampa.tie.org/home/about-us/

Ramesh Sambasivan, and the Board at TiE Tampa Bay


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