Tiecon Florida


Help TiE Tampa Bay document #TiEconFL 2016…

…so that we can make TiEconFL 2017 even better!

TiEconFL is a non-profit organization. Our goal? In short: to Foster Entrepreneurship.

How you can help raise awareness of our organization and community goals?

1. SHARE TiEconFL on Social Media!

You can help propel our mission by sharing your positive experiences on social media. Please share your pictures and comments during the event using the hashtag TiEconFL and our handle @TiETampaBay!

2. Record Mini-Interviews on Your Smartphone!

We would love it if you could record short videos sharing what you personally get out of TiEconFL. It really helps us to share with other entrepreneurs the benefits of being a part of TiEconFL and will help us grow the event even more next year!

We welcome you to interview one another and to share your videos on social media with the hashtag #TiEconFL.

Quick smartphone videos are great. What we care about is helping to share the enthusiasm of positive people that attend TiEconFL. The videos don’t have to be perfect; it’s conveying passion for entrepreneurship that we care about.

Here are some ideas for questions:

Q1: Tell us your name, what you do and what brought you to TiEcon Florida this year!

Q2: Have you been to TiEcon before? If so, tell us what you like about TiEcon.

Q3: What has been your favorite panel or speaker so far?

Q4: How would you describe TiEcon Florida to someone who has never been before?

Q5: Tell us what you hope to get out of TiEcon Florida this year!

3. Suggestions for 2017

And, if you have any suggestions for how we can make TiEconFL 2017 even better, we want to hear from you! Please message our board through the website: http://tampa.tie.org/home/about-us/

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Enjoy TiEconfFL 2016!

Ramesh Sambasivan, and the Board at TiE Tampa Bay

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