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TiEconFL: Startup Funding Catalyst + Authentic Networking + Fun Evening Banquet Too!

TiE Tampa Bay fosters entrepreneurship. Approachable mentors and accredited and active investors attract members and make the organization special. At TiEconFL there will be accomplished founders and funders open to conversations wanting to give back to the community and pay it forward to the members and the organization.


The announcement of the ten winning finalists from Florida for ‘Present Your Startup finalists’,  will be presented at TiEconFL.. The finalists will be some of the most innovative and dynamic startups we have ever seen. .

To date, TiE Tampa Bay charter members have mentored and invested in numerous companies. Here we spotlight two startups, located here in Tampa Bay.



Founded by Tomas Diaz in 2012 in Orlando, FL,flexReceipts uses smart email receipts to help retailers engage with customers using coupons, recommendations and personalized messages. The TiE Tampa Angel Forum invested in FlexReceipts, paired the founders with an investor-mentor who is an experienced entrepreneur. Diaz’s company’s rapid growth can be attributed support and mentorship from  the experience as invaluable and has contributed to flexReceipts rapid growth and subsequent $2.5M investment from an Austin firm.

“TiE was crucial,” says Diaz. “They came on early and were instrumental with funding as well as advice and mentorship.”

Learn more about flexReceipts in our press release.


St.Pete-based LumaStream was founded by Eric Higgs, when he could not find lighting to meet the size and needs of a mammoth sculpture he had been commissioned to create. LumaStream–pioneer of low-voltage LED lighting–shines locally and internationally after obtaining $22M in funding — 15% of which was funded by the TiE Tampa Angel Forum.

“It’s one of the few groups that puts money where its mouth is,” says Higgs. “It’s really their sense of community, and their appreciation for startups and technology. A lot of people talk about it but withhold action. These were savvy people that knew how to evaluate opportunity, and they wrote checks. They will make money and they deserve to because they took the risk.”


Learn more about Lumastream in our press release.

Discover the next big startup to come out of Florida at TiEconFL this October 15th. See the ten finalists of ‘Present Your Startup’, and mingle with entrepreneurs who are in various stages of bringing their companies to success. Look out for keynote “super entrepreneurs” and several discussion panels featuring Tampa Bay entrepreneurs and investors. The all-day conference ends with TiEball: a magical evening of cocktails, Bollywood entertainment, and dinnerRegister at TiEconFL.com.


“TiE Tampa Bay strives to support entrepreneurs by creating pathways to coaching, connections, and capital in various forms,” says Ramesh Sambasivan, President of TiE Tampa Bay, “while TiE Tampa Angel Forum acts as a wellspring of smart early-stage capital.”

If you are an investor new to the TiE Tampa Bay, there are opportunities no matter your investment style or preferences. Be the first to find that rare gem, or join an established round of funding. You might just find the next big success waiting to happen; you will without doubt make powerful and meaningful connections with fellow investors and entrepreneurs. Success is born at TiEconFL.


TiEconFL will be held at the Embassy Suites USF, 3705 Spectrum Blvd., Tampa. October 15th.

TiEconFL is FREE to members, but make sure you REGISTER to claim on your space. Last year’s electric event SOLD OUT!

Early bird registration closes October 1st for non-members so register ASAP!


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