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Silicon Valley Comes to Tampa…


Thought leaders abound at 2016’s TiEconFL!

The 14-hour event on Saturday, October 15th at Embassy Suites, USF Tampa, is a must-attend for Florida entrepreneurs and investors.

If you are involved in startups, this is a key date in your calendar, because rarely will you find such a depth of funding and founder talent in one room as you will at the 4th annual TiEconFL.

TiE Tampa Bay welcomes two highly accomplished Silicon Valley investors who will share their insights with TiEconFL attendees on October 15th: BV Jagadeesh, managing partner of KAAJ Ventures and, international technology angel investor, Meera Kaul.

BV Jagadeesh
Kicking off the day’s events is BV Jagadeesh, who will present TiEconFL’s opening keynote. BV shares his insights garnered from a lifetime of leading, investing in, and guiding companies such as MetMagic Solutions (acqd: NTT), Ocarina Networks (acqd: Dell) and Ankeena (acqd: Juniper) to name a few. He has successfully sold and exited a series of tech companies, including Netscaler which pioneered the concept of Application Delivery and sold to Citrix for $325M. BV was instrumental in the successful IPO of Exodus in 1998 which, at its peak, had a market cap of $28B. Learn more about BV Jagadeesh.

Meera Kaul
It’s fitting that Meera will be on our panel discussion, “You Got Funded; What Now?” because, as a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and advisor, Meera has taken four companies to multi-million dollar exits. Meera has incubated, financed and promoted technology enabled ventures in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. A committed philanthropist, she founded The Meera Kaul Foundation, a not-for-profit that works towards addressing gender bias in workplaces and empowering women through skills training and capacity building. The winner of multiple awards and accolades, the Stanford Business School alumna was most recently awarded the coveted Women of Influence Award 2016, courtesy the Silicon Valley Business Journal, for her tireless efforts in the space of Technology and Leadership for women. Learn more about Meera Kaul.

There’s More…Featured Talks and Panel Discussions.

Interspersed between our six panel discussions of distinguished entrepreneurs, influencers and business leaders, will be our featured talks: the first by Sandy Carter, 2016 Forbes Digital Influencer, and the second from tech CEO and serial entrepreneur, David Farmer, of intice, Inc. Each speaker–keynote, panel member, or featured talk presenter–comes with a wealth of local and international experience, and biographies that are page-long in their own right. More details to follow in our next blog…but if you can’t wait, then please visit our Event agenda today!

These truly astonishing individuals, each offer experience and insights that will be of profound use to you and your ventures. TiE is about paying forward knowledge, connections, and even the ability to fund entrepreneurs. It’s about helping great ideas transcend potential and that’s why each individual you see at TiE is giving their time — to share insights that help the next great entrepreneur circumnavigate unnecessary hurdles, or simply to help advance progress within our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We invite you to check out our speakers at TiEconFL website! What will you ask them during the Q&A’s, or when you come face-to-face with them during our networking sessions?

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